Air Cargo Handling and Management

Introduction To Air Cargo And Handling

Air Cargo industry, objective of the course, contents, study methods and Air Cargo terminology.

Organisations Involved In Cargo

  • ICAO - formation, functions, members, document
  • IATA - formation, functions, members and other IATA bodies FIATA, ACAAI, etc., Airport Authority of India and warehousing agents.
  • World Geography

    IATA areas, airline prefix, city coding/decoding, freedoms of the air, time calculation.

    Cargo Agency Management

    Transportation of Air Cargo, logistics, management, operation and management of Air Cargo Agency, IATA approval, modern communication facilities and incentives, Sales Management.

    Use Of Guides

    OAG Air Cargo Guide, TACT Rules Book and TACT Rate Books.

    Aircraft & Handling

    Types of Aircrafts, Load Control, Air Cargo Loading Limitations, Cargo needing special attention in handling live animals, dangerous goods, human remains, valuables, perishables etc., unit load devices, types, aircraft loading procedure, trimming and loading distribution, freighters and sub charters.

    Acceptence Of Cargo

    SLI Shipper's Letter of instructions, Shipper's declaration for dangerous goods, Procedures for accepting live animals, human remains, life saving drugs, dangerous goods, perishables, unaccompanied baggage, etc. Packing, labelling and marking and various restrictions, government regulations and formalities, documentation, Shipping Bill, Electronic Data Interchange, AWB, Bill of Entry.

    Air Cargo Rates & Other Charges

    Air Cargo, Tariff, chargeable weight, volume weight & dimensions, currencies and rounding off procedures.

    General Commodity Rates (GCR)
    definition, applicability, validity, use of TACT – normal rate, quantity rate, examples.

    Specific Commodity Rates (SCR)
    definition, applicability, validity, use of TACT.

    Class Commodity Rates (CCR)
    a) Surcharge – Human remains, valuable cargo, live animals, automobiles.
    b) Rebated category – Newspapers, Unaccompanied Baggage (UB), human eyes, dehydrated corneas.

    Precedence of rates and charges, minimum charges-applicability, valuation charges, charges collect shipments, disbursement charge, ULD rates, construction and combination of rates, Rate Construction Point (RCP)

    Air Waybill

    Format, boxes, contents, completion of Air Waybill, mandatory information, types of Air Waybills (MAWB/HAWB)


    Charges Collect (CC) shipments, Prepaid (PP) shipments, payments (Mode), exchange rate, conversion, insurance, claims etc.


    Concept – Breaking of consolidation.

    Booking Procedures

    Airline bookings procedures, conditions of contract, cancellation of shipments, communication facilities – SITA.

    Company Stores & Mail Handling

    Diplomatic mails – A, B and C categories, airline scores, mail acceptance procedures AV7, AV8 papers.

    Tracer Procedures

    Tracer messages, world tracer.


    Scope, present industry scenario and job opportunities.