Air Ticketing and Fare Calculation

International Travel & Tourism Organizations & Bilateral Agreements

Functions of IATA, ICAO, International Clearing House, UFTAA, WTO, IH&RA, PATA, IAPA, ASTA, ICCA & ICAO, Freedoms of the air and traffic rights, role of IATA in the International Law, Operations & Commerce, Technical, Financial, Medical and in World Co-operation, Definitions of Organisations.

Customer Service

  • Role of the Travel agent, what does the travel agent do? Techniques & methods used by them, stress and methods to cope with.
  • Setting up control procedures to monitor the marketing plans implementation and results in each target market segment.
  • Develop creative and cost effective marketing strategies.

  • World Geography And IATA Geography

    Understand to sell travel with geography, understand & read maps, world’s 7 continents, exploring the world’s countries & cities, IATA TC areas, sub-areas, regions, countries, cities, tourist places, attractions & local currencies around the world. Coding & decoding cities, airports, airlines, countries & currencies, advantage of these codes, world time zones, GMT/UTC, International Date Line, calculation of elapsed travel time, calculate the time difference & clock time in different time zones.

    Traffic Handling And Air Transport Essentials

    Departure and arrival handling, departure signal, rules and procedures for the carriage of checked & unchecked baggage, domestic pets, free baggage allowance, excess baggage & their charges, mishandling of baggage and their tracing procedures, delays to a service aircraft, conditional acceptance of passengers, live animals and coffins on board, change in configuration, crew members, movement control, control tower, DGCA.

    Governmental Travel Requirements And Procedures

    Passport, types of passport, Visa, types of visa, health certificates, preventive measures for international travellers, customs regulations, currency regulations and taxes for international travel, how to read TIM for the above governmental requirements..

    Reference Of Guides

    How to make the best use of OAG Flight Guide & Supplement, TIM and Passenger Air Tariff for: Airlines of the world and their head offices, city, airport or airline codes, flight routings, International Time Calculator, scheduled flight details for direct flights and transfer connections, baggage allowance, taxes by countries, TPM, Import and Export restrictions, governmental requirements, passport, visa, health, currency, customs and airport tax, normal and special fares, MPM, add-ons and fare construction rules.

    Air Fares & Ticketing

  • IATA's New Pricing System using NUC, IROE and LCF, use of BBR/BSR when payment is made other than LSC with different instruments of payment and the procedures for E-ticketing.
  • Fare calculations for OW, NOJ, RT, CT, RTW, specified routing, mixed class travel, interrupted journeys, side trips, special fares and rerouting with required minimum checks such as BHC, CTM, RWM, collection & calculation of taxes, fees & charges.
  • Usage of EMD

  • Computer Reservation System/Technology In The Travel Industry

    Signing in/out, retrieving PNR, encoding and decoding, flight availability, the mandatory PNR fields, building complete PNRs, optional PNR information, seat assignments, seat maps, rental car reservations, hotel reservation, fare displays and fare rules, itinerary pricing and ticketing, changing segment status and flight time, OSI and SSR messages, itinerary pricing including e-ticketing, airfares display, queue tasks, additional hotel entries, additional car entries, other miscellaneous functions, timatic&timatic web.